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Thank you for ordering our first Culture Box:


If you know us, you know we love Bali.It's where POC was birthed *cue air horns.

Although we prefer to take you to the magical island, we figured that this box of wellness is the next best thing. Check out our Bali retreat gallery for some sunshine.

*10% of proceeds will be put toward POC's micro loan fund

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POC Bali Box.png
Open it. Then throw it in the compost. This box is 100% biodegradable 


*click on the underlined titles for more info

(1) POC Lava Stone Bracelet

Volcanic rock, aka Lava Stone, is formed when a volcano erupts. It's of Bali's most popular stones and is thought to be the oldest stone in the world.  These porous stones are calm, ground and assist the body in dissipating anger. Lava stones are thought to work best when worn close to or directly touching the skin because there is no barrier or blockage needed with this particular stone, which allows energy to flow easily and clearly. Old folk remedy beliefs that giving lava to a soldier helped them stay calm when in battle.

Tying the Bracelet

You will need scissors*

Step 1: Remove the string of Lava Stones from the sac 

Step 2: Wrap the beads around wrist to look at sizing

Step 3: Cut one end of the string to remove excess beads

Step 4: Tie a knot at the end of the string so that beads do not slide off

Step 5: Tie bracelet around wrist. Double knot. Cut off excess string

1) Organic Lemongrass Tea Bag

Simply smelling lemongrass tea as it steeps is anxiety reducing. Relieving pain, boosting red blood cell levels, preventing infection are just a few of the benefits sipping the tea provides. This tea is certified organic and ethically sourced.

How to Brew

Step 1: Bring fresh water to approx. 203°f in a kettle or pot

Step 2: Remove POC Organic lemongrass tea bag from tissue wrapping

Step 3: Pour hot water in ceramic, metal, or glass mug

Step 4: Place POC Organic lemongrass tea bag in mug of hot water

Step 5: Let POC Organic lemongrass tea steep for 4-6 min

Step 6: Add agave or preferred sweetener *Optional

(16) POC Matches

Natural wood match sticks with white tips.

Is it just us or is lighting things on fire with matches way more fun than with lighter fluid?

(3) Incense Sticks Picture yourself breathing in the most delicious smelling incense smoke from a basket of offerings that's placed in front of a home by a cute old lady. That's nearly EVERY home in Bali, EVERY morning, every where on the island. 

This box includes 1 Lemongrass stick, 1 Jasmine incense stick, 1 Nag Champa incense stick.

(1) POC CBD Organic Coffee Scrub

Hell yeah we saved the best for last! We make this scrub with Organic Balinese Dark Roast Coffee. One of our favorite parts about our retreats is taking attendees to get a Balinese massage. It's divine. Use this scrub to create your own spa experience while in the bath or shower.  You'll come out feeling as smooth as (plant-based) butter.

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