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Spray Bay-bay

ALOHA! Shaina Blamahsah here to show you how to make your own organic yoga mat disinfectant spray. You can use it on other surfaces too :)

Mat Spray Tutorial

Spray bottle: any bottle that sprays fine mist will do can find at any health and wellness shop or online at on Amazon.

Water: ¾ of bottle (any water you feel comfortable drinking)

Witch Hazel: ¼ of bottle (non-alcoholic preferred). Witch hazel helps fights acne, protects against skin damage and wards off infection. I get mine from Target.

Tea Tree Essential Oil - 100% Pure: 5 drops (for cleansing properties). Tea tree's antibacterial properties makes it the perfect natural hand sanitizer or deodorant. It's a great antiseptic for minor cuts, a chemical free mouth wash and natural bug repellent! Find some on Amazon.

Lemongrass Essential Oil: 5 drops for revitalizing/ uplifting properties. Find some on Amazon. You can use lavender oil for calming/soothing properties.

This set has a bunch of organic essential oils for a good price: Cliganic USDA Organic Aromatherapy Essential Oils Set


For more DIY how to's from Shaina:

Instagram: @blamahsah

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