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Superfoods for that Attitude!

Chef Kiki here to tell you about my trip to Bali last month and share my recipe to an affordable (and yummy) Bali inspired snack.

Mango Smoothie

This recipe is a special one and not just cuz it’s super affordable to make! Smoothies and smoothie bowls are really popular in Bali because the fruit is so darn delicious. Mango was my favorite out there so I decided to make it the star of the smoothie. Since the holiday season is right around the corner, I added a dash of Tumeric because it’s a staple in Balinese cuisine and is packed with tremendous health benefits such as easing depression and fighting inflammation. To top it all off - NOLA by keeks! I remember designing the labels for my granola company in Bali and feeling excited to launch it once back in the states. It’s been one month and I’m on my third batch! See below to get your bag.

Ingredients :


  • Frozen mango

  • Frozen peach 

  • Powdered ginger

  • Honey

  • Powdered turmeric

  • Oat milk 

  • Orange juice

Berry compote

  • blackberries,

  • blueberries

  • raspberries


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