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We're grateful that you're interested in traveling with POC!
Our in person Puerto Rico Retreat is at full capacity however we would love for you to join our yoga classes virtually.

*Click below for more info*

  • Bali Retreat III
    Bali Retreat III
    Sat, Apr 13
    Ubud, Bali Indonesia
    Apr 13, 2024, 3:00 PM – Apr 19, 2024, 11:00 AM
    Ubud, Bali Indonesia
    Join us in Bali this April for a Yoga Retreat like no other. Dive into throat chakra workshops, relax by the pool, and stay in a beautiful villa room. We’ve got your breakfast and transportation covered!

In addition to daily yoga, pool hangs, and excursions, we will embark on a spiritual journey through workshops focused on methods to balance your root chakra. 


Retreat Includes

  • Flight from LAX, JFK to SJU airport

  • Room with Wifi 

  • Daily Breakfast

  • Daily Yoga

  • Root Chakra Balancing Workshops

  • Nature Excursion

  • Traditional Dance Class (Bomba, Salsa)

  • Wellness Gift Bag


  • Power Yoga (Foundation)  

  • Root Chakra Sound Bath

  • Trauma Recovery 

  • Yin Yoga 


  • Uproot: Family Tree + Inner Child

  • Weeding + Planting Seeds: Release + Manifest

  • Building Foundation: Self Care + Community

  • Stems: Growth + Trimming

This retreat is for you if you want to expand your knowledge of self. You will dig deep in understanding your roots so that you can strengthen everything that stems from them. 

Common non-physical signs of blockage:

  • excessive negativity | cynicism

  • greed | avarice

  • Illusion

  • excessive feeling of insecurity, living on survival mode constantly

  • lack of focus

  • co-dependency

  • restlessness

  • feeling abandoned

  • depression

  • anxiety

  • fearfulness

  • guilt

  • resentment

Common physical signs of blockage

  • sciatica

  • hypertension

  • impotence

  • colitis

  • eating disorders

  • prostate issues in men

When the root chakra is open and balanced, you feel at home, stable, and able to take on life’s challenges. "You have clear focus, a sense of purpose, and are always present in the moment."


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