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Thank you for ordering our seventh Culture Box:



Happy New year! This month's box was inspired by MLK (his birthday is in January). We wanted to put together a box that inspired you to dream bigger! One that would lighten the mood of an already crazy 2021. We came up with the box below! We hope it's contents helps you connect to your inner child. Paint or draw yourself a mini vision board to keep in your room, car, office/ wherever you could use the inspiration.

*10% of proceeds will be put toward POC's micro loan fund

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DREAM BOX (1).png
Open it. Then throw it in the compost. This box is 100% biodegradable 


(1) Mini Canvas

Canvas creating recommendations

- Put on a fancy outfit that makes you feel like an artist

- Give yourself an artist name

- Don't think too hard, just create

- Add newspaper, glitter, stickers etc 

- Frame it, Mod Podge it, hang it!

- Admire your vision

(1) Acrylic Paint Wheel

You've got a wheel of 8 acrylic paints! Play around with the colors. 

Things to remember:

-  You don't have to paint your canvas all at once

- You can always paint over something you no longer like

- You can mix colors!

- You don't have to use all of the colors

(3) Paint Brushes

We didn't want to limit your masterpiece with only one paint brush so we included 3! 

Things to remember:

- Each brush paints differently

- Have a jar of water nearby

- Dip your paint brushes in water in between colors

- Wipe your paint brush with a clean rag or towel after cleaning

(1) Crayola Crayons

You can use these to sketch out what you want to paint or just keep the canvas to a crayon masterpiece. These are also good to give to a friend if they're by you while you're creating you're painting :)

(5) Frankincense Incense

We couldn't send you wine so we figured this is the next best art accompaniment. Light one of these babies before each art session to get your zen on. 

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