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Thank you for ordering our first Culture Box:


Haiti. The first black country to win it's independence, way back in 1804. This island has a very special place in POC's heart because it's where our founder was born. Our hopes with this box is to share a few things that are a part of Haiti's rich history. From it's national flower - the hibiscus, to a staple food - plantains, to a go-to medicinal plant - Cerassi, this box will give you a sense or "essence" (as Haitians would say) of the things that make up the powerful island. We look forward to the day when we can lead a retreat in Plaine du Nord, Haiti. Till then, remember, "L'union fait la force" Together we are stronger!

our Bali retreat gallery for some sunshine.

*10% of proceeds will be put toward POC's micro loan fund

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Open it. Then throw it in the compost. This box is 100% biodegradable 


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(1) Hand-carved Soapstone Heart

These hand held size hearts are the softer than your favorite blanket. Each stone is hand carved by a Haitian artisan who was fairly paid for it by Outreach to Haiti. 


 Outreach to Haiti is a sponsored ministry in Norwich CT, committed to serve the people of Haiti in the spirit and values of the Gospel. Providing sacramental and spiritual support, Diocese of Norwich Outreach to Haiti offers education, health care, parish twinning opportunities, and community development for Haitians in need and hospitality to international volunteers and visitors.

POC is glad to support Outreach to Haiti's mission while also also sharing a literal piece of the land with you.

(1) Cerasee Tea Bag

Asosi (Haitian-Creole), Cerasee or Momordica charantia is a herb popular for its bitter green to yellow fruit. In the Middle East, the Carribean, and Africa, the plant is known as Cerasee, but in other parts of the world, this vine goes by Saint Cajetans Melon in Brazil, Corilla in Guyana, Ampalaya or Amorgoso in the Philippines, Pare or Paria in Indonesia, and plenty others. 

Cerasee Tea is rich in Vitamins A, C, iron and phosphorous which means it excels in detoxing the body.  Drinking the tea stimulates bile production which helps to break down food and expel bloating. What's more, cerasee's anti-microbial properties have long been used to kill worms and parasites in the body. It is for these reasons and more why this tea is the go to remedy in Haiti.

We are delighted to that our Cerasee Tea is straight from Haiti thanks to Zile Distributors. Zile prides themselves in producing 100% natural products from Haiti only. They avoid using chemicals, artificial colors, and fillers. No artificial fragrances, parabens,  nor unwanted/ harmful substances will be found in their products. Whoot whoot!

(1) POC Hibiscus Rose Aloe Facial Mist

"Rose Cayenne" or Hibiscus is Haiti's national flower so we had to incorporate it in this month's box. You'll want to start every day with our Hibiscus Rose Aloe Facial Mist. A great, organic, natural, cleanser that has inflammatory properties which help reduce acne and itchy skin. It includes antibacterial properties that aid in healing scars, cuts and wounds. Better yet, the vitamin C in the hibiscus flower helps to enhance collagen production and improve the elasticity of your skin. Wait, did we mention the delicious floral aroma that's released with every spritz. Yeah this may be your new favorite pick me up.

(1) "L'Union Fait La Force" Journal

Unity creates strength. You already knew that! Yes, this saying is on the Haitian Flag but what we love about it is that every culture has a similar saying. For instance, "united we stand, divided we fall."

Use this pocket size journal to document all of the collaborations you would like to manifest. Whether it's going half on a baby or business, jot it down to remind yourself of the power of teamwork.

(1) POC Plantain Chips

Plantains with eggs, plantains with sauce, plantains before rice, fried plantains, green plantains, yellow plantains. Baby Plantains. Haitians just love plantains Okay? They also make them the best. Don't believe us? Wait till you try our plantain chips seasoned with garlic, parsley and a few other Haitian signature spices.

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