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Thank you for ordering our seventh Culture Box:



We're packing this month's box with items that will make you feel loved! From handmade mushroom chocolate to artisan crafted tea, we've got you covered sweetie. 

*10% of proceeds will be put toward POC's micro loan fund

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Open it. Then throw it in the compost. This box is 100% biodegradable 


(1) Mushroom Chocolate by BodybendYoga

Hey all it's Drew Muse. Part time Human, yoga instructor and mushroom connoisseur! Mushrooms are an amazing source of nutrients, and a great way to provide antioxidants, promote stamina and support the body’s natural immunity. Mushrooms have been a part of Chinese culture for thousands of years. With increasing popularity is Western culture we have found different ways to incorporate mushrooms in our diet. Mushroom chocolates are a fun and tasty way to introduce ourselves to all the benefits of mushrooms. Reishi Mushrooms boost immunity, release stress and anxiety and allow us to have a more restful sleep. Lion's Mane are great for working and studying because it improves cognitive function. Chaga helps sustain energy, fight inflammation and supports a healthy immune system, something we all need right now. Cordyceps help to rebuild our bodies cells to increase physical performance, help our bodies recover faster and reverse the aging process believe it or not. Lastly one of my favorites is Turkey Tail, known to shrink tumors and fight other diseases in the body, boosts our immune system and aids in digestion. These chocolates address all of these benefits and more. You can enjoy them as is, or you can add them to warm mylk and enjoy a cup of hot cocoa. If you use psychedelic mushrooms, these will help to rebuild your body and ensure you recover safely from your psychedelic journey. Psilocybin, the active ingredient in mushrooms, is very hard on the liver so it's important for us to rebuild so that we can enjoy the other psychoactive benefits without damaging our bodies. 

(1) Ylang Ylang Massage Oil

This ones for YOU...and your boo! Give yourself an organic rub down with this POC's Ylang Ylang Massage Oil infused with coconut and jojoba oil!


  • Absorbs quickly, so you may need to reapply it often

  • Stimulates oil production in skin

  • Light, non-greasy

  • Mood boosting scent

(1) Elevated Sweet Tea Bag

"I love this tea because all my senses instantly feel soothed from the beginning to the end of the experience. Blue lotus is known for creating a “euphoric” effect that calms the nervous system. Butterfly pea flower is full of antioxidants and naturally turns the tea that beautiful indigo blue color. Oatstraw showed promising cognitive benefits in clinical trials. Skullcap helps you go to sleep. Rose, lavender, & jasmine all have similar properties to CBD & are as tasty and they are comforting. This one is popular with my yoga students so I’m excited to share it with People of Culture!!"- ElevateYourselfYoga

(1) Rose Quartz Stone

Known as the stone of LURVE! We traditionally like to share non traditional stones with you but there's a reason this stone is so popular. 

Rose Quartz is known for:

  • Being connected to the goddess Aphrodite, as the pink color of this stone denotes its connection with love and the heart.

  • Has the great ability to diminish negative vibrations and emotions when worn or kept in your pocket. 

  • has the ability to dissolve anger and confrontations and bring about a healing energy that will aid in communication and the healing of relationships. If you are single, this stone can also promote self-love and an inner peace with oneself.

  •  This stone helps to prevent night terrors and nightmares and will instead bring vivid, beautiful dreams. Place it under your pillow or on your nightstand and note the differences in your sleep.

source: Remedy Grove

(1) POC Plantain Chips

Our signature plantain chips made their debut in the Haiti Box last summer. We received such a positive response that we now offer them separately on the POC shop.

This month we're bringing them back with a spicy TWIST.

Cinnamon and Sugar baby! Warning: You may want to order more after the first bite!

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