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Bali Retreat III
Bali Retreat III
Apr 13, 2024, 3:00 PM – Apr 18, 2024, 11:00 AM
Ubud, Bali Indonesia

In addition to daily yoga, spa trips, and excursions, we will embark on a spiritual journey via workshops focused on balancing the throat chakra. 


"When the throat chakra is imbalanced, the blockage can manifest through physical and non-physical symptoms that impact you psychologically, emotionally, or spiritually."


Common non-physical signs of blockage:

  • fear of speaking

  • inability to express thoughts

  • shyness

  • inconsistency in speech and actions

  • social anxiety

  • inhibited creativity

  • stubbornness

  • detachment

Common physical signs of blockage

  • chronic sore throat

  • frequent headaches

  • dental issues

  • mouth ulcers

  • hoarseness

  • thyroid problems

  • laryngitis

  • Temporomandibular disorders of the jaw (commonly known as TMJ)

  • neck pain

Energy that flows freely through the throat chakra creates highly attuned communication skills. You are able to “find you.” You are confident, responsible, and can easily find the right words to express your thoughts and speak your dreams into existence!

Retreat Includes

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